01 June 2017

The GEFCO Group and SUEK signed a Memorandum of Cooperation at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The parties intend to cooperate on the introduction of modern technologies in the field of logistics of materials, components and other industrial goods.

As the leading supplier of third-party logistics (3PL) and fourth-party logistics (4PL) services, GEFCO develops and implements efficient solutions to optimise flows. Over the past several years, GEFCO has been actively expanding its range of services in the field of domestic and international rail transport.

As part of the memorandum signed by the two companies, GEFCO and SUEK will jointly develop optimal transport solutions for the supply of coal mining parts and equipment by combining modern and innovative logistics technology and practices.
“This is not the first time SUEK and GEFCO collaborate on a project. Most of what we have done so far is without any equal - both in terms of the originality of the solutions utilised as well as by the level of efficiency and technology used in the processes. This memorandum is another milestone in the development of our relationship, allowing us to create and apply the most innovative integrated transport and logistics solutions for the supply of parts and equipment for the coal industry, "said Vladimir Rashevsky, SUEK CEO.

"GEFCO has been cooperating with SUEK for a long time. The signing of the Memorandum is another step in the development of GEFCO’s logistics solutions, especially for rail transport. We are proud to be SUEK’s logistics partner, which is of strategic importance to the Russian industrial sector," concluded Luc Nadal, Chairman of the GEFCO Management Board.
SUEK is one of the leading coal mining companies in the world, the largest coal producer in Russia, and the largest supplier to the domestic market and exporter. SUEK’s mining, processing, transportation and service facilities are located in eight regions of Russia and employ more than 33,500 people. The main shareholder is Andrey Melnichenko.

GEFCO offers to design and implement logistics schemes alongside manufacturers, a source of added-value that strengthens their competitiveness. The performance GEFCO delivers to its customers is based on the expertise acquired over the last 65 years, particularly in the automotive industry, one of the most complex and demanding sectors. Present in 150 countries, GEFCO is one of the top 10 European Groups.

We are proud to be SUEK’s logistics partner, which is of strategic importance to the Russian industrial sector

Luc Nadal

Chairman of the GEFCO Management Board of GEFCO Group