26 April 2019

The new service will provide fast and secure solutions benefitting from minimum response time to requests, shortest delivery times and availability for customers 24/7/365.


GEFCO Russia launches its own Time Critical (TCS)Freight Management product. The initiative further supports the work of the GEFCO global Mission Control Centre (MCC), based in Amsterdam, within the Freight business line. With an accumulated base of operators, the new service in GEFCO Russia will carry out both planned and unscheduled urgent deliveries. Time Critical shipments are in demand across a variety of industries including large-scale events (road shows, exhibitions, conferences), the maintenance of the aviation equipment (scheduled and urgent repairs), retail trends and customer demand (delivery of consumables), as well as last second emergencies for manufacturers to prevent expensive disruptions to their production lines.

To ensure a successful launch of the new division, GEFCORussia has expanded their portfolio of trusted air partners. The portfolio now includes the majority of world’s leading airlines and general agents together with representatives in international and Russian airports. The GEFCO Russia TCS department provides full transparency of logistic processes and provides integrated solutions for emergency air transportation worldwide, as well as for emergency road transport from Europe and Russia.

Denis Glisnutsa, commercial director of GEFCO Russia,clarifies that comprehensive solutions for emergency door-to-door shipments around the world include such services as “courier on board”, Next Flight Out, organization of charter flights and the development of special routes for specific client requests.

The GEFCO Russia TCS teamare available to communicate to the client 24/7/365. They select the best solution for the customer’s product, and carries out timely, full monitoring of the transportation informing the customer at every stage of the .

GEFCO’s Mission Control Centre in Amsterdambegan work early in 2019. The MCC carries out monitoring of the Global Freight Forwarding’s emergency shipments that can be ordered via GEFCO’sinnovative global IT system. From the client’s point of view, such an approach to the management means achieving set KPIs and, in turn, adds value to their customers’ business.

«Being a recognized international specialist in automotive logistics where the “Just In Time” concept is intrinsic, GEFCO is confident in its suppliers and the ability to carry out emergency transportations in other business areas», Denis Glisnutsa summarizes.

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