GEFCO CSR REPORT 2018: GEFCO enhances its CSR approach and accelerates implementation

13 June 2019

For the 7th consecutive year, GEFCO, a world leader in complex supply-chain solutions and European leader in automotive logistics underlines its commitment to CSR, a key driver for sustainable growth.

In 2018, the Group has continued improving its sustainable development performances while strengthening its skills and maturity in all aspects of its activities. In addition, GEFCO is committed to innovation to find ever more effective and environmentally friendly solutions, true to its “Partners, unlimited” signature, that reflects its willingness to cooperate and interact with all its stakeholders.

A strengthened CSR framework

Since 2009 and the signing of the United Nations Global Compact, GEFCO has been committed to implementing a precautionary principle to environmental risks, promoting the development of environmentally friendly technologies and ensuring the protection of human and labor rights and the fight against corruption. An ethical code guarantees that all employees comply with these guidelines, while an Ethics Committee ensures that they are properly monitored and implemented on a daily basis.

In continuing to accelerate its sophistication and understanding, GEFCO undertook a major piece of long-term risk analysis looking at CSR issues not only from its perspective, but from the perspective of all external stakeholders. The resulting insight forms a basis for approaching and prioritizing risks, and for better structuring the company’s approach to CSR challenges. With a holistic and quantified view of risk and materiality, GEFCO is able to ensure sufficiently robust policies are in place to address each challenge and keep track of progress in a meaningful way.

As an organization, GEFCO’s choices and actions have a profound effect on our partners, our employees, and on the environment. We can help shape territories, strengthen local economies, and make a positive difference throughout the world.

Stéphane Milhet

Executive Vice President Human Resources and CSR at GEFCO

An improved environmental performance

  • Optimized, cleaner and increasingly connected transport

For the second consecutive year, GEFCO achieved a 2% avoidance of carbon emissions relating to transport thanks to specific actions undertaken in 2018. A figure in line with the objectives set and made possible by optimizing transport flows, improving the vehicle fleet and promoting multimodal solutions that offer concrete alternatives to road transport. Innovation is also a key driver with technologies. Other innovative solutions are also being studied, such as the electrification of vehicles or connected transport. In Spain and Czech Republic, GEFCO has started implanting services using double-trailer trucks with lengths of between 25 and 30 meters. These configurations increase loading capacity and productivity, thus limiting the number of trucks on the road and therefore CO2 emissions.

  • Energy-efficient operations

With 300 sites around the world, GEFCO ensures that their impact on the environment and neighbors is minimalized with ambitious targets for reducing energy consumption and landfill use while increasing recycling and energy recovery. In 2018, 69% of the Group's waste was recovered or recycled and 59 of our business lines had achieved ISO 14001 certification.

  • A CSR performance certified by EcoVadis and CDP

In 2018, GEFCO has been certified Gold by EcoVadis. This certification reflects an advanced level of performance in the four areas monitored by EcoVadis: environmental impact management, HR practices, ethics and professional conduct and purchasing policy. In 2018, GEFCO scored two more points than in 2016, reaching a score of 64 out of 100. The Group is once again among the top 5% of companies in terms of CSR, out of the 30,000 evaluated by EcoVadis worldwide.

GEFCO also obtained a “B” on the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) questionnaire on climate change. CDP manages the global information disclosure system that enables companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their environmental impacts. The organization gives ratings from A to D. With this rating, GEFCO ranks above the sector average.

  • A partnership CSR approach

GEFCO works daily with its partners, customers and stakeholders to achieve the highest standards of responsibility, true to its culture “Partners, unlimited”. At the end of 2018, 1,478 road transport providers had signed the GEFCO's Responsible Purchasing Charter (RPC), representing 76% of regular route spending. 

Innovation, a shared value 

GEFCO operates in a rapidly changing environment, with new technologies transforming both production processes and consumer trends. Turning these challenges into opportunities demands an innovative approach, and GEFCO has worked hard to place innovation at the core of the company’s strategy, fostering it at every level of the organization. Objective: outline the future of the supply chain through high value-added, efficient and sustainable solutions for customers.

Because GEFCO is convinced that its workforce is its best asset, in 2018, the Group launched the GEFCO Innovation Factory, empowering every employee to invent and explore innovative ideas, with the potential of developing them into solutions to support business growth. At the same time, GEFCO has partnered with Techstars, a global start-up accelerator which gives the Group access to a unique innovation ecosystem and plenty of innovative and sustainable solution opportunities.

Find GEFCO CSR Report 2018 here

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