24 May 2018

GEFCO Group and Ferronordic Machines signed a signed a memorandum of cooperation to implement mutually beneficial cooperation in the logistics of finished products, materials, components and other industrial equipment in 4PL format using modern logistics technologies and practices, including GEFCO’S own know-how and logistics solutions.

Under the new agreement, the companies will develop long-term partnerships in the field of integrated logistics in the 4PL format, including the extension of current contractual relations. In addition, the new agreement also involves adapting the model for cooperating on integrated logistics services, analysing the structure of freight flows, developing proposals for the further effective alignment of supply chains and developing high-tech interaction.

In cooperation with Ferronordic Machines, GEFCO Group will develop best practices in the organisation of in international traffic and a centralised management system for the provision of spare parts and consumables for after-sales service, as well as electronic document management systems.

Ferronordic Machines is the authorized dealer of Volvo Construction Equipment and Terex Trucks in Russia and it is the largest and only federal dealer in Russia and operates throughout the country with 76 outlets in all federal districts.

The two companies develop a long-term collaboration and, under a five-year contract signed in 2015, GEFCO Russia is responsible for integrated logistics services, the organisation of the company’s logistics flows and the transport of goods.

'More than 4000 projects were implemented within our partnership with GEFCO. We extended the cooperation significantly in last years by means of appearance of new brands in Ferronordic Machines’ products portfolio. GEFCO took upon itself the major part of work to organize logistics processes with new partners of Ferronordic Machines. We see the outcome of our joint work, cooperation with GEFCO enabled to reduce the company’s transport expenses in accordance with the agreementLars Corneliusson, General Director and President Ferronordic Machines LLC said.

It is important for us to keep and extend the partnership with such large clients like Ferronordic Machines. It is one of our key clients on the Russian market and the fact that we have signed the agreement today says about great trust towards us and a natural continuation of our cooperation

Luc Nadal

Chairman of the Management Board, GEFCO Group