Optimised solutions dedicated to the management of reusable packaging

Do you need to optimise your inbound strategy and reusable packaging flows?

 As a major player in the management of industrial packaging flows for more than 25 years, we offer a range of efficient, environmentally friendly and "lean" solutions to optimise your supply strategy.

Significant expertise in the management of reusable packaging

Enhance your logistics with our reusable packaging solutions

  • A dedicated contact all along your operations 
  • Technical feasibility study and flows engineering 
  • Tactical and operational planning
  • Change management for plants and suppliers
  • Management of empty packaging and transport
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Traceability 
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Onsite auditing

Turnkey solutions: Full pack

Entrust GEFCO with the financing and management of reusable packaging

From flows engineering to packaging maintenance, we offer you tailored solutions including the supply of reusable packaging.  

  • Supply of our pool of reusable packaging or investment in new materials 
  • Management and optimisation of flows by our experts 
  • Quality control and continuous maintenance of packaging 

Solution design and optimisation: Flow pack

Control and optimise your pool of reusable packaging

Do you have a pool of containers that you want to optimise? GEFCO supports you in the management, control and optimisation of your packaging flows and guarantee flexibility and reliability.

  • Packaging audit and stock control
  • Planning, management and monitoring operated by an expert
  • Guarantee of a seamless control of your reusable packaging flows 

Reusable Packaging Solutions Leaflet

Empowering your logistics with our reusable packaging solutions

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> 6,5

million owned packaging units


centers dedicated to collection and maintenance

> 1700

industrial customers

Почему GEFCO?

  • Удобный сервис

    • Работа по принципу "одного окна"
    • Интегрированные логистические решения
    • Управление таможенными операциями
  • Эффективность

    • Операционное совершенство
    • Оптимизация затрат
    • Сокращение транзитного времени
  • Полный контроль

    • Мониторинг в режиме реального времени
    • Управление результатами
    • Диспетчерское управление и планирование перевозок (Control Tower)