Secure and optimise the access to the Middle East area whatever your industry

Do you expect from customised solutions to make your more efficient in the Middle East? With our strong 15 years expertise in the Middle East, our wide range of services and our expert local teams we guarantee the reliability of your logistics in this area.




As a logistics partner, we offer you door-to-door integrated logistics solutions to meet your challenges in the Middle East. Whatever your industry, the nature and size of your products, we have the right solution.

Vehicle logistics

  • 10 compounds
  • 1,000,000 sqm of storage

  • Strong expertise in local administrative procedures and regulations


  • 2 warehouses
  • 22,000 sqm

Industrial Project Cargo

  • Turnkey solutions for your oversized or heavy lift cargo around the world


  • 200 engineers
  • Multimodal and logistics expertise

Ocean Transport

  • Strong presence in all strategic ports in the Middle East

Air transport

  • Consolidation, premium, charter and urgent shipments from/to all main airports in the Middle East

Road transport

  • 7 offices

Time Critical Solutions

  • Dedicated teams available 24/7/365 for your urgent deliveries

Middle East Leaflet

Securing and developing your access to Middle East

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15 countries


> 30 destinations

in the Middle East

Global logistics player

for 69 years

Почему GEFCO?

  • Удобный сервис

    • Работа по принципу "одного окна"
    • Интегрированные логистические решения
    • Управление таможенными операциями
  • Эффективность

    • Операционное совершенство
    • Оптимизация затрат
    • Сокращение транзитного времени
  • Полный контроль

    • Мониторинг в режиме реального времени
    • Управление результатами
    • Диспетчерское управление и планирование перевозок (Control Tower)