Social responsability

GEFCO activities are based on a comprehensive approach to quality management in logistics services.
GEFCO Management System (GMS), a corporate quality system certified under ISO 9001:2008, has been implemented and it operates successfully:
•    Improving customers satisfaction;
•    Processes standardization and continuous improvement;
•    Risk-oriented approach to management;
•    Continuous control and best practices application to optimize the operational activity (Kaizen, Lean management, Kanban).

Occupational health and safety (OHS)
Each GEFCO employee as well as any person being present in the territory of GEFCO area should work in safety conditions.
All actions and decisions shall be controlled by assessment and risks management on a regular basis. To prevent incidents and occupational diseases, GEFCO activity should be based on three principles:
•    To be a role model, to strictly observe all occupational health and safety rules and ensure their unconditional compliance by all employees;
•    To show vigilance – make ongoing efforts to identify and eliminate occupational risks;
•    Immediately react to revealed violations – to make quick decisions in case of problematic situations.
In accordance with GEFCO Occupational Health and Safety Policy as well as the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation labour conditions in GEFCO were specifically assessed. 

•    Summary of results of the special assessment of labour conditions (2014).
•    Summary of results of the special assessment of labour conditions (2015).
•    Summary of results of the special assessment of labour conditions (2016).

Following the results of the special assessment of labour conditions in 2016, the Action plan to improve labour conditions was elaborated and all actions were performed at a set time.

Environment protection
GEFCO make investments to reduce a negative impact on environment.
GEFCO applies the integrated approach to the ecological management and it is guided by objectives and principles of ISO 14001:2004. 
GEFCO strives to ensure the management based on the quality following the principles of environment protection in all departments:
•    Control the natural and energy resources consumption;
•    Help to prevent global warming and environment pollution by setting objectives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and garbage;
•    Share principles of sustainable development with stakeholders and with transport subcontractors, in particular.



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